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Knowledge of aminomethyl polystyrene resin

Macroporous aminomethyl polystyrene resin differs from the gel aminomethyl resin by the presence of permanent pores in the polymer, even in the dry form. Transport of molecules to the reactive sites i

Posted at 2016-01-19

Atriopeptin overview information

Atriopeptin is actinic primarily in cardiac atria, acts in action to angiotensin II. When claret aggregate overload, Atriopeptin is appear to act at the nephron to access alkali and baptize excretion,

Posted at 2016-01-12

Precautions While Application histrelin acetate

It is actual important that your doctor analysis your advance at approved visits. This will acquiesce your doctor to see if the implant is in the able abode and if it is alive properly. Certain medica

Posted at 2016-01-06

What is felypressin?

Felypressin is a non-catecholamine vasoconstrictor that is chemically accompanying to vasopressin, the after pituitary hormone. It is added to some bounded anaesthetics such as prilocaine in a absorpt

Posted at 2012-11-28

The 4-Hydroxythylbenzoic acid(HMBA Linker) use

Molecular Formula: C8H8O3 Molecular Weight: 152.15 Melting Point: 182-185C(dec.) Appearance: White powder Loss on drying: <0.5% Purity: 98% min. Storage: 2-8C Characters : white to off-white powder A

Posted at 2012-05-15

What is an amino acids derivatives?

Bachem offers more than 3000 different amino acids and derivatives, resins, linkers and reagents for peptide synthesis from stock. In addition to the proteinogenic amino acids and derivatives, Bachem

Posted at 2012-05-09

What is Fmoc-D-Leu-OH?

Cas No.:114360-54-2 Molecular Formula:C21H23NO4 Molecular Weight:353.42 Purity (HPLC):95% Appearance:White Powder The Storage : 25 ℃ Application: peptide synthesis used in the D- Leu, protected

Posted at 2012-05-01

The Boc-amino acid on Merrifield resin

Celsium Alkali Method: 1. Dissolve the carboxylic acerbic in booze (5 mL/mmol) and add baptize (0.5 mL/mmol). Titrate the band-aid to pH 7.0 with a 20% aqueous band-aid of cesium carbonate. Clear the

Posted at 2012-04-24